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Special Occasion Outfits for Baby

Stylish Vintage Baby: Special Occasion Outfits for Baby


The birth of a child is a cause for great joy and is a time of well wishing and thanksgiving. A variety of special occasions, celebrations and ceremonies will likely take place, from homecoming to baby's first birthday, there are many events held to celebrate the new life and safe arrival of the little one. These special occasions are an opportunity to make the baby the center of attention, giving mommy's keen fashion sense a chance to shine. Whether you are a grandparent, a sibling, a friend or a neighbor, you will likely attend a variety of special events. The following gives some helpful tips in regard to attending these celebrations including ideas for dressing baby and selecting the perfect gifts for these joyous occasions.


Homecoming Outfits:


Most parents pick out a special outfit for the baby's homecoming. Depending on the weather, this garment can be something as simple as a daygown or even a cotton onesie. Many parents will save the outfit in a keepsake box to preserve the sentiment and memory of this joyous occasion.


Dressing Up for Family:


The next big event to dress up baby is when you introduce your little one to family. Taking weather into account, be sure to choose something comfortable keeping in mind that the baby may be passed around quite a bit. Choose something cute enough for pictures, but that will still be soft and smooth enough for several hours of wear.


Religious Ceremonies:


Religious ceremonies, celebrations, christenings and baptisms are sometimes observed by families that hold religious values in high esteem. These events are rich with tradition, heirlooms and promise. Many parents take great pride in selecting the perfect gown for these occasions. Some choose a family heirloom or select a high quality vintage garment or some form of traditional garb to represent the importance of the event. Gowns and suits are typically constructed from white silk as a symbol of innocence and purity. These garments are usually intended for a one-time use due to their delicate nature and significance.


Birthday Parties:


Baby's first birthday party is another special occasion to look forward too and how your choose to dress your baby will depend greatly on how formal of a birthday party you intend to throw. At this stage in baby's life, they may well be sampling birthday treats, so be sure to choose something that won't stain easily and that will be comfortable for the duration of the affair.


Choosing A Gift:


It is a common practice to give timeless and beautiful gifts to the new baby. It is suitable to choose a treasure that will preserve childhood memories for the child and parents. Choices for gifts can include teddy bears, baby accessories, jewellery or the age old gift of a personalized bible. Others choose photo albums, keepsake boxes and other storage containers for precious memorabilia. The idea is to give a gift that will stay with the individual for a lifetime.


There are many celebratory events surrounding a child's birth and many opportunities to spend time with loved ones and share meaningful gifts. Stylish Vintage Baby offers a fine selection of high quality vintage baby clothing, accessories, furniture and heirloom items. We invite you to explore our collection today!

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