This collection is made from solid hardwoods, hardwood veneer CARB Compliant MDF, and unveneered CARB compliant MDF.

The dimension given in the item description is mostly accurate, but if you need to be extremely accurate about it, please contact us and we will get a physical measurement for you.

This collection uses a combination of Basswood, Aspen and Poplar. Poplar is the strongest of these woods, and is used where structure & support are the most important factors. These areas include bed side rails, all bunk bed posts and all bunk bed components. The Basswood and Aspen are used in locations where color of the wood is specifically important and structure and support are less crucial.

Basswood & Aspen are still very strong species, however. They both have a soft buttery color and when the raw wood color is revealed through the edge distressing process, they present a nice contrast to all the paint colors. Occasionally there will be some darker portions showing though, too, but that is typical with any species of wood. Basswood & Aspen are used on drawer faces, cabinet moldings, cabinet face frames, shelf facings, cabinet side framing, bed posts, and bed moldings.

Beadboard paneling is used on the sides & backs of many of the cabinets. The paneling is made from two layers of solid Birch veneer, laminated onto a core of mahogany. There are many versions of Beadboard paneling on the market that could be used. This collection uses the most expensive 5.2mm Beadboard panel on the market, which is made from layers of solid wood, instead of cheaper versions made from plastics, wood particles or wood dust, such as MDF.

Cabinet grade Hardwood Veneer Core laminated plywood provides a very stable and durable base to construct the cabinets. The outer layers of this material are solid Birch. The substrate, interior layers, are solid Birch, solid Aspen, or solid Pine. This material is used for cabinet tops, sides, bottoms & vertical & horizontal cabinet dividers.

The primary drawer body material, commonly called Baltic Birch, is an extremely strong and stable product made with thin layers of solid Birch. You can see the many layers represented by the light and dark colors by looking at the end of the board. It has no rival on the market for its ability to produce unyielding stability, purity of material & purity of appearance.

It is used for the drawers with the expectation that they will last & last & last and work as well in 10 or 20 years as they do the first time. Part of the reason a drawer does not operate correctly is that the drawer has become too large, too small, or too out of square for it's opening due to changes in temperature, humidity or joint construction, and will begin to stick, lock in place or excessively wobble.

Baltic Birch is a material that will not shrink or expand with temperature or humidity; and thus, it's the perfect material for the drawers. This collection's drawers are made with Baltic Birch, Glue & Nails to produce a drawer even more stable and consistent than drawers produced from solid wood with dovetail joinery. It's a promise.