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A Quick Guide to Lulla Smith Fabrics

A Quick Guide to Lulla Smith Fabrics:


Dupioni Silk:

  • created from the threads of two different silk worms

  • thread is rougher than regular silk and contains bumps and irregularities

  • wrinkle-resistant and crisp and formal appearance

Silk Velvet:

  • soft pile luxury fabric made from silk

  • woven as a double cloth on a specialized loom


  • sheer, luxury fabric with a similar feel to silk (sometime made with silk filaments)

  • constructed using a plain weave in any blend of nylon, polyester and silk

  • translucent in nature and smooth to the touch

Dupioni Silk, Silk Velvet & Organza Swatches


Egyptian Cotton:

  • very high quality, luxurious and breathable

  • durable and resists piling

  • softens with each washing

Organic Cotton:

  • a natural fiber harvested from certified organic cotton plants

  • grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides


  • a cotton fabric made using a slack-tension weave creating a puckered, almost wrinkled look

  • no ironing required as the fabric is meant to look wrinkled

  • lightweight and cooler to wear when used for garments

Organic Fleece:

  • 100% cotton fleece milled from certified organic cotton

  • warm, soft and fuzzy

  • pliable, soft and drapes well

Swiss Batiste:

  • made from cotton

  • lightweight, sheer and delicate

  • unassuming, yet elegant with a graceful drape

  • ideal fabric for newborn baby's sensitive skin

Organic Cotton & Egyptian Cotton Swatches


Laundered Irish Linen:

  • strongest natural fiber

  • easy to maintain - washes and wears extremely well

  • becomes softer and more luminous the more it is washed

Laundered Irish Linen Swatches





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