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Tips for Wearing Vintage With Style

Finding a Balance:

If you want to incorporate vintage style into your everyday wardrobe or you want to adopt a vintage look for a special occasion, it's important to find the proper balance. You need to blend just the right amount of vintage and contemporary elements to add that special vintage charm to your outfit. The key is to not go overboard or end up looking like you're wearing a costume.


Choosing a Focal Point:

The best way to achieve a balanced vintage look is by choosing a focal point. If you choose a vintage piece as your focal point then you will want to accent with modern accessories in contemporary shapes and neutral colors that will tastefully accentuate your vintage outfit. The other option is to choose a contemporary focal point and then accessorize with vintage pieces. The second option is often preferable since it is easier to create a unique, creative and affordable vintage wardrobe through the use of vintage accessories and simply add them to modern basics.


Creating An Everyday Vintage Look:

There are lots of ways to accessorize to create an everyday vintage style. When shopping, look for charming trinkets, lockets and beads. Also, keep an eye out for scarves with vintage patterns including paisley, polka dot, checkered and floral prints. Vintage hats are another great way to add a splash of vintage charm to your outfit especially fedoras, newsboy and panama hats.


You can also create your own vintage accessories by adding bits of lace, bows, ribbons and ruffles to basic vintage garments. Accessorizing with vintage touches will add interest, texture and depth to your outfits. It will also allow you to adapt to different moods and climates, giving you a distinctive and unique vintage look, whatever the occasion.


Adding vintage class to your wardrobe can be a lot of fun. Anyone can pull off a classic vintage look by applying these tips and always maintaining a balanced approach to wearing vintage with style.


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