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Stylish Vintage Baby: What Is A Moses Basket?

Moses baskets make great baby shower gifts and you can find a gorgeous selection online at Stylish Vintage Baby!


What Is A Moses Basket?


A Moses basket is a lightweight, portable and secure baby bassinet complete with blanket and pillow, which is used to keep your newborn safe and always by your side. The name comes from a Bible story about a Hebrew woman who saved her baby's life by tucking him in a watertight basket made of reeds and hiding him amongst the rushes by the river. An Egyptian princess noticed the basket, saw the baby boy and adopted him as her own son, naming him Moses. (Exodus 2:1-10. KJV)


Today, Moses baskets are very popular amongst parents of newborns. Although they are no longer woven from reeds, these baskets keep young babies comfortable, secure and right by mother's side.

Moses baskets provide your newborn with a warm and cozy environment, keeping baby safe and comfortable, relaxed and at ease. These baskets have handy carrying handles making them completely portable and easy to move. You can even place your Moses basket on your bed, on a special stand or on the floor. When your baby is ready to transition to their crib, you can start out by placing the Moses basket inside to help them adjust.

Nowadays,Moses baskets are usually constructed from palm leaves, maize or wicker. Do not attempt to carry your baby in the Moses basket. For safety reasons, it is recommended that you ensure the basket is securely placed before putting your little one back inside.




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