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What Is Vintage? Stylish Vintage Baby

What Is Vintage?


Since the early 1990s, there has been a heightened appreciation for vintage clothing around the globe. While superior craftsmanship, quality textiles and timeless designs have long been valued, there has been a dramatic increase in the visibility, acceptance and demand for vintage clothing amongst celebrities and consumers alike.


Movies and television programs are focusing on past eras, and even the music scene is seeing an increase in historically-based subcultures from rockabilly to swing.


Vintage collectibles typically reflect a previous era or historical time period within the past 20 to 100 years or more. Vintage clothing can be used, new, handcrafted, manufactured, restored or recreated from salvaged materials.


These items are valued for their authentic representation of a historical time period and are often worn, salvaged and collected by those who are known for their individuality, appreciation for quality and keen eye for a solid investment.


Vintage fabrics, textiles and materials tend to come from natural sources. Fabrics typically include linen, cotton, wool or pure silk. Vintage items are often noted for their unique patterns, whimsical notions and the nostalgic feelings that these timeless, classic pieces conjure.


There is also a renewed passion for vintage lighting and furniture especially among homeowners who love classic design, a splash of nostalgia and a home that tells a unique story about what they love. In fact, there has been a noticeable backlash against mass produced items that lack quality, pride of craftsmanship and design. Many people make a hobby of reviving the quality of well-made pieces, spending considerable time researching, collecting and restoring vintage items and experiencing great satisfaction in discovering just the right pieces for their homes.


There is a great love affair with vintage furnishings that are both iconic of days gone by and stand out as timeless and unique with their elegant lines, bright colours and homey feeling. Real value is placed on owning a piece of design history that can be cherished and passed down and will hold its charm long after the appeal of passing fads.


Vintage items are often given at a baby's birth and then stored as keepsakes that are passed on as heirlooms to preserve a family's history and heritage for generations.


Many of today's parents are also seeking vintage baby clothing and furniture, placing great value on the durability that comes with a high standard of workmanship, the use of quality materials and classic styles that have endured the test of time. For some, the convenience of living in a disposable society is quickly being replaced by their appreciation for Sunday-best clothing for everyday wear, classic prams, baby buggies and ornate yet classic furnishings.


This increasing demand for vintage-styled clothing, historically-inspired garments and era-specific furniture has created a unique niche market for collectors, stylists and history buffs alike. Even some mainstream retailers are offering mass produced retro styled clothing and furniture that attempt to borrow from the distinctive styling of days gone by. However, for a true vintage connoisseur, only the highest levels of authenticity, craftsmanship and quality will do for their discerning and acquired tastes.


Stylish Vintage Baby is a website that caters to the discriminating tastes of individuals with a love for vintage baby clothing, furniture and accessories. Our online store offers a gorgeous collection of vintage baby girls clothing and shoes, finely crafted vintage nursery and playroom furnishings, vintage christening gowns, darling baby gifts and keepsakes.


Stylish Vintage Baby also carries a beautiful selection of vintage baby boys clothing and shoes. All of our vintage baby boys christening outfits are available with vintage christening shoes made from matching fabrics. You can also find beautiful baby christening gifts including vintage christening bibles, baby bracelets and customizable baby quilts. You can also discover exquisite vintage lighting including vintage nursery chandeliers, baby playroom floor lamps and many other high quality vintage lighting options.


We invite you to explore all of the delightful vintage baby offerings that Stylish Vintage Baby has discovered and wants to share with you today!

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